English Conversation Practice - A friend

Hey, I'm going to the movies tonight. Do you want to come with me?

I'm not sure. What are you seeing?

It's a new movie called "The Batman." It's supposed to be really good.

Oh, I've heard about that. I've been wanting to see it.

Great! We can go together then.

Sounds good. I'll meet you at the theater


See you then! **Person 1 and Person 2 meet at the theater


Hey, Person 2! I'm so glad you could make it.

Me too. I'm excited to see this movie.

Me too. I've heard great things about it. **The two friends go into the theater and find seats.**

This is a great seat.

Yeah, it is. I can't wait to see this movie. **The movie starts and the two friends watch it.**

This movie is amazing!

I know, right? It's so good. **The two friends watch the rest of the movie and enjoy it.** **After the movie, the two friends leave the theater.**

That was a great movie!

I know, right? I'm so glad we went. **The two friends walk away, talking about the movie.**